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                Guangzhou Xinheng Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd

                Address: No. 5, Yunchuang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou

                Postcode: 510530

                Tel: 020-36158168, 36158166, 36158169, 36158119

                Fax: 020-36158188, 36158288

                E-mail: xinhengpump@vip.163.com

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                Xinheng pump industry has always been adhering to the customer first business philosophy, to provide customers with pre-sales, sales, after-sales comprehensive consultation and service. The company has set up more than 10 branches throughout the country, service network involving more than 30 provinces and municipalities, autonomous regions. The service department has more than 30 high-quality professional service team, dedicated to provide services for customers throughout the country. Focus on the development of green safety, environmental protection, green energy products -- Xinheng pump industry all staff welcome your call!


                Tel: 36158166, 36158165, 36158168, 36158180


                ■ Service items

                □ Technical training  □ Installation & debugging  □ Equipment evaluatio

                □ Fault treatment    □ Maintenance             □ Upgrading and improvement


                ■ Service Commitment

                □ After the signing of the contract, our company will send staff to assist customers free of charge on-site installation and commissioning;

                □ One year warranty, the implementation of three guarantees, the warranty period, our company to provide free technical support;

                □ Regular return visits to customers to ensure the normal operation of customer equipment;

                □ Keep lifelong contact with customers, listen to the use of advice, and constantly improve the quality of products.

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